Duties of IHRC

Various Duties & Responsibilities undertaken by IHRC

A) Work on the following issues/agendas independently or on request by the complainant, or on request by any third person, authorized by the complainant;

B) Intervene & take appropriate action in cases pending under Judicial process & review, after due permission from the authorizing authorities from the designated Courts;

C) Providing MEDICAL, REHABILITATION & SECURITY to State/Govt.Controlled Jails/Rehabilitation Centers etc. after due permission from the State/Govt. authorities. Also visit and undertake research work on living conditions of the inmates of the Jails/Rehabilitation Centers, and to provide all types of help & services to them. Work on creating awareness on Human Rights Protection in masses by educating people and encouraging them for the benefits of the their active participation in Human Rights Protection activities;

D) Performing any type of Work/action essential in relation with Human Rights Protection issues;

E) To study and promote agendas/works related to International Human Rights, and to appeal for effective implementation of the same;

F) To study and investigate about various laws regarding Protection of Human Rights, and to appeal for effective implementation of the same;

G) To educate all citizens of the Society about Protection of human rights through Books, periodicals, media and seminars from time to time.